ANTM’s Angelea Preston Is Back! Upcoming Appearance on MTV’s Made (VIDEO)


Angelea Preston is one girl who knows how to make an exit. And now, with the news that America’s Next Top Model Cycle 17: All-Stars’ most mysterious modelstant will appear as a Made coach on an upcoming episode of the MTV series, it looks like she knows how to make an entrance, too!

Having been disqualified during the infamous finale for unknown reasons, we talked to her manager, Jeff Cohen of Model Management Group, back in December to find out what her next steps were. It turns out that his information was good (we teased this upcoming appearance with some hints here), and that Angelea is starting all over with a prominent role on an MTV hit show. 

Watch the video and see what it was like for Angelea shooting this comeback. 


To Watch Angelea Preston’sInterview.Click —


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