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Accent On ‘Huh?’ Scot Ashley Brown: Tyra Banks and ANTM Girls Could Not Understand Me

Ashley Brown is one of our favorite modeltestants on America’s Next Top Model Cycle 18, “British Invasion” — with or without subtitles. We ranked her #1 after the premiere, mostly for her adorable personality and memorable accent. The Scottish mother of two knew her thick accent would be an issue, even if she actually toned it down for the Americans.

“I got on so well with all the other contestants but knew from day one that the American girls could not understand me,” Ashley told the U.K.’s Daily Record.

“I remember phoning my mum and saying, ‘I bet they put up subtitles when the show airs’ and they have. How funny. I was speaking slowly and politely so I don’t know how they would have coped if I had unleashed the full force of my Scottish accent. Even Tyra [Banks] looked at me blankly every time I spoke and I had to repeat lots of what I was saying. It became a real laugh.”

It’s not that hard to understand her. Besides, it would be more fun if ANTM didn’t subtitle her, but maybe did little Mad Libs, giving us half of her quotes and letting us imagine what she might’ve meant for the rest. 

Eboni Davis -the 30-Never Cover Photo

Eboni Davis -the 30-Never Cover Photo

Any Similarities?

Any Similarities?

Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks

America’s Next Top Model British Invasion Episode 5 Photos

America’s Next Top Model 

America’s Next Top Model 

ANTM British Invasion Episode 4 Photos

America’s Next Top Model All Stars Winner Lisa D’Amato Exclusive Beach Portraits in Aruba on March 12, 2012

5 Shocking Facts About America’s Next Top Model Cycle 18 Contestants

The feisty British modelstants on America’s Next Top Model Cycle 18 have proven themselves to be strong contenders for the ANTM honor. But there are some very surprising skeletons in their closet that may make a future in the world of high-fashion problematic. 

And don’t get the wrong idea — the American girls have their own squirrely pasts as well. We took a closer look at some of the modelstants’ backgrounds and found some juicy stuff. 

Candace has a very sexy modeling portfolio. 

Ashley “AzMarie” Livingston has already gotten some pretty major acting and modeling jobs. In an interview with a Milwaukee news site, AzMarie reveals that she had small parts in the Academy Award-winning movie Precious and had “brief cameo roles” in Real Housewives of New York, and the BET modeling competition show Rip the Runway. 

According to the blog Hearts For Dinner, Scottish Ashley Brown is “a domestic violence survivor, a former junior tae kwon do world champion, and Miss West Lothian.

Alisha White was bullied, dyslexic. In this interview with In-spirels Magazine, Alisha shares about her learning difficulties, and how she was bullied for being “tall and skinny.” She says, “These bullies did not know what they were saying at the time because LOOK AT ME NOW. However, school kids can be horrible.”

Laura LaFrate from Scotia, NY, really just wants to win the money so she can eventually move to South Africa one day “to take care of sick lions and tigers.” In an interview with a local newspaper near her hometown, she said, “It gives us an opportunity for hosting, for acting, for lots of different stuff. But my main goal is to have the modeling to help pay for future schooling.” She has called modeling “a bunch of BS” in the past. 

Do you think any of these secrets can kill the modelstants’ careers? And what would Ty Ty think?

America’s Next Top Model British Invasion in London,UK as their Destination. Get Ready Americans.

America’s Next Top Model British Invasion in London,UK as their Destination. Get Ready Americans.


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