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10 Most Embarrassing Moments From ANTM Cycle 17: All-Stars


It’s hard to imagine anything more embarrassing than losing a big reality competition, finding out the winner broke some rule, and being told you have to schlep on back to the set to film your pity win. But Tyra and her clumsy modelstants performed some pretty awkward and outrageously embarrassing acts on Cycle 17: All-Stars

We gathered 10 of our favorites here.

Laura loves whipped cream. How painful was it watching poor, sweet-as-sugar Laura flood her mouth with whipped cream, while wearing a wedding dress, while trying to look as unsexy as possible, while listening to Tyra scream at her: “Don’t swallow! SPIT! SPIT!”? Very.

Angelea can’t run. You know that feeling you get when you fall in love with the hottest guy in high school and then find out he can’t read? Yes, Angela Chase, we’re talking to you. Anyway, that’s how we felt when we watched our poor wounded bird Angelea attempt to run in the Modelland editorial. 

Bianca eats a pickle. First she hoarded them, then she claimed them for her use and hers alone. And then she actually brought one with her on her Snooki photo shoot. Bianca and pickles should get a room. 

Laura pours olive oil into her eyes. Laura did what any other modelstant would do when they aren’t feeling well during a photo shoot: take a bottle of olive oil, place upside down above head, and don’t blink! 

Bre screams forever and ever. It’s a shame that Bre went out this way. She was the sole victim of the Ty-over episode (getting all her hair chopped off), and then she started hysterically cry-screaming throughout the Coco Rocha photo shoot. Coco herself called a Time Out in order to silence that lamb. 

Alexandria happy-cries. After getting her long blonde mane cut right off, Alexandria  let loose some of the strangest animalistic sounds we’ve heard in 17 cycles of drekitude. One moment she was telling the cameras how HAPPY she was! Quite literally two seconds later, she moaned and her face fell forward and we think she was…very sad? It was some Claire Danes-level ugly-crying.


Talking is hard for modelstants. In Episode 4: “Anthony Zuiker,” the ladies were forced to remember big words for their CSI guest spot challenge. But Tyra made the experience extra-painful by including phrases like “gas chromatograph mass spectrometer” in their script. Dominique said “ass” instead of “gas,” and Lisa used the only medical words she knew from experience: “cocaine,” “pills,” and “alcohol.” Stay sober!

Tyra attempts baby-talk with Nigel. Tyra actually pretended to be a big ol’ baby and attempted to goo goo gah her way into Nigel’s swarmy British heart. Shockingly, Nigel at first tried to play along, imitating one of those grown-up babies you see on foreign cable comedy shows late at night. 

Kayla drank ‘til she drek’d. Okay, normally we would never mock someone’s on-camera health issues or potential drug addiction. But Kayla seems like the kind of chick who is looking back on her run-in with ibuprofen and having a laugh. From what we could tell, Kayla enjoyed a wee bit too much wine with the girls on Episode 4: “Anthony Zuiker.” Then she got a care package from home (we presume?) containing pills, which she described as “Bleep, Bleep, and Ibuprofen.” They must have been legal, since, as cruel as Ty Ty can be, we highly doubt she would condone the hard stuff. At least while filming! Long story short, Kayla writhes, moans, and vomits for a while, and the other modelstants cringe in delight/horror. 

Alexandria’s head gets chopped off. Did Alexandria really spend the majority of one challenge on the floor, writhing in agony? Yes, that she did. For the Bad Girls Club challenge during the Coco Rocha episode, the bonkers modelstant “acted out” by lying down, pretending to be dead, and panting. As a result, the judges had to edit out her entire head for the final photo. 

Lisa D’Amato’s Blog|

image"It’s Lisa D’Amato!". I am so excited to say that I am officially America’s Next Top Model All-Star WINNER! I can’t even begin to try to explain how this feels. I have been keeping it a secret for months and being able to say it out loud is the coolest feeling in the world.

I’ve always been called a dreamer, but I know I’m not the only one! I cheated on my fears.Broke up with my doubts. I got engaged to my faith, and now I’m married to my dreams. Since I was 12 years old, I always knew I was going to be an entertainer and be involved in all aspect of the entertainment industry whether it be modeling, acting, dancing, singing, rapping, writing songs, performing etc. I even know how to do gymnastics. My heart has been married to the performing arts before I had anything to say about it. Just like a lot of girls, all odds were against me especially coming from such a poor and abusive childhood and a broken home.

I always already felt defeated before I could even stand on my own. I am from Los Angeles, California and being someone always trying to pound the pavement in that sweet little town called “Land Of Broken Dreams” Hollywood is no cup of tea in any means. I’d actually call it a nice slice of shit pie! LOL =P  I have had lots of mini successes but my heart has been beaten down by the wrath of disappointment in the end. I can’t tell you how many times I have had to build myself back up from having my heart ripped to shreds but luckily, I am a seamstress as well and sewed it all back up time and time again. That being said, this couldn’t have happened to someone more appreciative, more ready, more driven, more capable!

Being America’s Next Top Model All-Star WINNER (it’s so fun to write!) is something that will look great on my resume to help further more opportunities that I have already been creating since my last cycle (6 years ago). I haven’t been twittering my thumbs waiting for a second chance to whip my butt in gear, I have been making my own opportunities all these years and I can’t wait for you all to see! Very exciting stuff coming 2012. ANTM All-Stars came at such a great time because for me it was preparation meets opportunity.

I am so glad I signed on! If I didn’t do this show, I would still be doing everything that the All-Stars show represents… it’s not just a show for me, that is my life and has been my whole life. I think that is why I was chosen.

Being “Daring” as my brand couldn’t be a better fit for me because it is in my DNA! I want to help change the rules! I hope that I can lead by example that it is ok to beat at your own drum, be a different kind of beauty, and have a different outlook on life and being older doesn’t mean you should stop believing in yourself and your dreams. I am proof! I am a huge fan of and I think you all will be to. It is an organization that helps kids from mental, physical and sexual abusive homes and helps them find creative outlets to express themselves and feel proud of who they are. If anyone can relate to those humble beginnings like I can then you know how it feels. I was one of those kids and the impossible is possible!

Be YOU TIFUL & be proud of who you are because you can’t buy thick skin which means the strength you have been building from those experiences are priceless. And, not to be too sappy, but Soldiers do cry! They say if you cry you aren’t strong….but I think you cry because you have been strong for too long. I am one of you. I believe in you!

Holler at me on twitter: @lisadamato with the code word “youTIFUL” and I will retweet all my tweethearts! And, don’t forget to checkout my albums on iTunes: ‘La Puchinetta’, and ‘Flippin’ The Bird’ along with my singles because I put all my heart and love in my lyrics! I wanna broaden my dance floor worldwide so we can all dance together one day! Let me know what you think of my new music video “Whiplash” produced by The Cataracs, too!

This is just the beginning, guys! They say shoot for the moon and land amongst the stars, but I’m planning to shoot for outer space and give something for the stars to gaze at for all of us!
Thanks to Vogue Italia for being the sickest magazine EVER & posting this! ;]

Till next time,

Miss Lisa D’Amato

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ANTM Winner Lisa Dishes on ”Fiery” Angelea and the Controversial Finale - Exclusive!


In an exclusive interview, Wetpaint Entertainment spoke to America’s Next Top Model Cycle 17: All Stars winner Lisa D’Amato about the controversy surrounding her win, the rumors circling around aboutAngelea having won before getting disqualified, and what the entire experience was like. 

Wetpaint Entertainment: What was your reaction to the news that Angelea had been disqualified?

Lisa D’Amato: Well, we are so set in this routine of girls dropping like flies before lunch with elimination, so when we were so deep in it, it’s kind of like, okay well Angelea’s gone and it’s between me and Allison, and in terms of competition, Allison and I had the first call-outs, the best pictures. She was my biggest competitor. 

What was it like re-shooting the finale scenes?

We were in Greece and we were doing the final runway and then we come back, we’re in LA  and we’re doing the finale panel, and I was just as nervous as ever, my knees were shaking. In my heart of hearts I knew: [modeling] is what I do. It’s what I’ve been doing and it’s what I will do no matter what. 

What do you think of all the rumors that Angelea really won in the first place?

Um, well you know, Angelea’s like uh — if that happened I have no idea about that. And Angelea’s fiery, she’s going to say what she wants to say. 

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Efkola, Aneta, Omorfa!

Covergirl Cosmetics says on each of the finalist.


Lisa D’Amato –

The client says that she loves Lisa’s vivacious personality during the photo shoot. Jay says Lisa’s eyes look amazing in the close up shots for the commercial, but he says she sounds like she’s trying to sell him a used car in the actual acting part of the commercial.


Allison Harvard –

The client says Allison is really great and her eyes have a lot of personality. Once again, Allison is worried about her vampire vision because they’re doing close ups of her eyes. She says it’s too bright for her to open her eyes completely, and Jay says it’s a nightmare. Her eyes start tearing up, and they dramatically go to commercial. They end up doing all of the close up shots with Allison’s eyes closed.


Angelea Preston –

Angelea’s hair looks kind of horrible in her photo shoot. Jay says she rocks her photo shoot, and she does pretty well in her commercial as well.

Watch the announcement!

Lisa’s Craziness gone when she knew she is the All Star Winner. She’s OK when she is nice soft speaking.

Lisa’s Craziness gone when she knew she is the All Star Winner. She’s OK when she is nice soft speaking.

The moment when Tyra announces Lisa’s Name as the All Star Winner.

The moment when Tyra announces Lisa’s Name as the All Star Winner.


SMIZE- to smile with your eyes.stand with your feet shoulder-width apart
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neck long, like there’s a string coming out the top of your head
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Gringo Manzano,16,Tarlac

Fierce Question?